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Acadenow: Giving New Wings to Online Learning


The global Pandemic took us from classroom benches to beds and blankets. It changed a lot in our lives. Our everyday bit, our jobs, education, schooling, work, and even our businesses. Nonetheless, The most drastic changes were seen in the lives of students all over the world. The challenges were extreme for them. Everything else went from offline to online and so did their studies and classrooms. The struggle was real.  Moreover, the struggle was not limited to online mode, rather many more prominent issues were faced by students.

From students and teachers not having the right amount of knowledge of the internet to many not having the access to the internet itself.

Many underprivileged students did not have the entitlement to luxuries such as smartphones or laptops to attend their classes.While teachers and students were unable to inculcate in the right manner, we saw an extreme downfall in the quality of education too.

Regardless, the question arises. Would you rather choose offline over online or vice versa? For instance, What would be your first preference when it comes to learning and entrance preparation? Well, I presume most of you would likely choose offline over online any day. And the reasons are pretty understandable. Offline teaching somehow provides us with the comfort and space to question and be more vocal. It gives us the option to interact with our teachers in a better way and helps build learning aptitude amongst students.

However, in the grand scheme of things, there are always exceptions. Online classes hold many advantages too. They give you flexibility and are supposed to be more convenient. In your day-to-day struggle, they come as a way more affordable option. On one hand not communicating is considered a disadvantage, but it also comes across as an advantage for introverts. It gives them a chance to showcase their knowledge without the pressure of communicating in class daily.

And what if you come across a platform that helps you gain classroom comfort and confidence to be vocal enough and space to put forward your questions? A platform that not only provides you with experienced and skilled teachers but besides allows you to one on one clear your queries. A platform that polishes you and your skills and prepares you perfectly for your exams. Look around and there are many fishes in the pond. Byjus, unacademy, udemy, Acadenowand many more.

Online platforms and their share in shaping students for exams:

After 2 years of hustling and juggling with online learning, 80% of students still don’t find it a convenient option. It is considered not everyone's cup of tea and why not? It has its cons and different kids with different IQs have different reasons. Nonetheless, as per various researches, some of the most common reasons behind students not wanting to opt for online learning mode are- lack of comfort zone, not getting the space to be vocal and question, and also online mode somewhere lack better understanding of things which ultimately leads to schools pressuring teachers to teach in a manner that is just for the sake of finishing syllabus.

But today, these startups and online learning have certainly played a major role in shaping kids of different age groups with different streams and sides and Acadenow is one of those platforms. It is an ed-tech startup that will give you everything good to look forward to.

ABOUT ACADENOW: Acadenow is an ed-tech startup. It allows top academic educators to teach learners all around the world anytime, anywhere, bridging the gap between education and technology using AI ML Bot, a 1-on-1 live tutoring mechanism in its Eduverse. A place where students will feel heard.

Acadenow is a leading ed-tech startup, helping students grow via online learning.

Acadenow is offering you the comfort and facilities in online mode, which most students crave and have to relocate from city to city to find an appropriate coaching institute.

It now provides online guidance and preparations for 9th and 11th entrances and all undergraduate and postgraduate courses PAN India in online mode with skilled and experienced teachers who are there to hear, understand, and solve your doubts anytime. A place where you will find teachers dividing and giving equal importance and time to each student. 

  Samia Nazim, from Patna, was a part of Acadenow and qualified for JMI class 9th entrance says “I got in touch with acadenow through their website and their teachers helped me and guided me throughout my preparations. My experience with the teachers was very friendly and warm. They humbly helped me clear my doubts during my preparations. In the end, I would recommend my juniors too to be a part of Acadenow during their entrance preparation”. 

      Acadenow is a place that will give you the space to dream and fly. Come, let's build a better future together with Acadenow.

 (Written By: Aesha Binte KhanLinkedIn | Instagram)


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