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Dr. Syed Wasim (Dept Geology, amu) recovers from coma, discharged from Medanta

Dr. Syed Md. Wasim (PhD Dept. of Geology, AMU) was attacked inside the campus in the evening of 25th January. His face was brutally damaged and a bullet was shot into his belly.
 Upon arriving JNMC, AMU he fainted and was referred to Medanta Hospital, Gurugram.

On 26th Jan the social media was flooded with statuses and posts for Dua and financial help. His brother-in-law Syed Nadeem Akhter who is a resident of Delhi stayed continuously by his side.

Wasim was kept in the ICU for the next three weeks.

 After a struggle between life and death, he was finally discharged from the Medanta Hospital on 28th February as he got better.
 [Source: Facebook ID of Syed Nadeem Akhter].
 He is currently staying at his  residence in Bihar and is on a strict diet as prescribed by the doctors.

During this duration the patient was continuously visited by the students of AMU during his stay at Medanta and his health is indeed the result of Duas of his hundreds of well-wishers.

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