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AMU Journal launches the first student-run newsletter in collaboration with TPO AMU

17th October 2023, On the 17th of October 2023, on the auspicious occasion of Sir Syed Day and in commemoration of the 206th birth anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the AMU Journal, in collaboration with the Training and Placement Office (TPO), inaugurated its monthly newsletter in the historic Streachy Hall, the first building of Aligarh Muslim University. The event's purpose was to pay a generous tribute to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan's visionary legacy and to mark the launch of the AMU Journal's Newsletter.

Established in 2016, by a dedicated group of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) students, AMU Journal stands as an autonomous educational community and media entity driven by the collective efforts of students and alumni. It boasts a robust online presence, boasting a dedicated following of more than 100,000 individuals across various social media platforms, while its website garners an impressive 100,000 views. The primary mission of this community revolves around providing swift and comprehensive support to the students and alumni of Aligarh Muslim University, ensuring they have access to the essential resources and information they require. Be it the events happening across the university, important news about the administration and the exams, AMU Journal is your one-stop solution.

The collaboration of AMU Journal and TPO is remarkable in itself. The Training and Placement Office (General) at Aligarh Muslim University was established in 2012 with the vision of empowering students with skills, values, proficiency, and opportunities for a brighter future and national progress, providing placements and organisational corporate connections.  Over the past decade, the office has hosted multinational corporations from various sectors. It also oversees campus placements for non-engineering courses and collaborates with departmental training and placement officers. The TPO also organizes myriad workshops to enhance the abilities of the students, providing vocational training and career counselling to the students while also opening doors to ample career opportunities.

In keeping with the legacy of the AMU journal, it has returned this year with a brand-new initiative: a monthly newsletter. A newsletter launched on the prestigious occasion of October 17th, Sir Syed Day 2023, by the AMU Journal team in collaboration with TPO (Training and Placement Office). The newsletter aims to support both alumni and current university students, fostering education and career development. Comprehensive information about AMU news, admission, lifestyle, career, alumni, and more is provided in the newsletter. The launch of the newsletter took place at the stretchy Hall, the first building to come up on the Campus named after Sir John Strachey. The event started with the speech of Mr Saad Hameed, Training and Placement Officer, AMU. He complimented the whole AMU Journal team, saying, "The decision by AMU Journal to launch its monthly newsletter is a wise decision and a very special tribute to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan on his 206th birthday. It will inspire other students and media outlets to take similar steps to disseminate a positive outlook.” He concluded his speech by saying, "On this grand day, we should all take a pledge that we will fulfil Sir Syed's dream by setting up an example to the whole nation."

Hashim Azmi, one of the newsletter's editors, congratulated the whole AMU Journal team for making this possible. He said, "The newsletter is one of its kind, started by the students of AMU. It will surely foster the need to get authentic news in and around the AMU campus and will debunk the fake news that is being spread in the name of Aligarh Muslim University. This initiative will be beneficial to the Alig fraternity.”

At the end, a copy of the newsletter was distributed to everyone present at the event. All the team members of AMU journal expressed their happiness regarding the successful launch of the newsletter, and the session was successfully concluded with a lively discussion among the team members about the newsletter's future objectives. 

As AMU Journal embarks on this journey, it strives to provide authentic information and nurture a positive atmosphere within the university and beyond. This occasion marks a significant milestone, ushering in a new era of inspiration, unity, and the continued dissemination of knowledge. The whole AMU Journal team look forward to the positive impact this endeavour will have on the entire AMU community and remain steadfast in upholding the spirit of Sir Syed's enduring vision.

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