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The Public Relation Officer, Proctor & Deputy Proctor, AMU launch the website of the student and Alumni-run platform - AMU Journal.

PRO, Proctor and Deputy Proctor, Aligarh Muslim University with the Team AMU Journal. 


On the auspicious occasion of Sir Syed Day, which is also commemorated as the ‘Eid of Aligs’, AMU administration launched the Website of AMU Journal, an independent students and alumni-run educational community and media organization, in collaboration with Traning and Placement Office, AMU. The following team members of AMU journal Hashim Azmi, Nabeel Ahmad, Hassan Alam, Amta Rehan, and Tayyaba Parveen were present. 

AMU journal is a student and alumni-run educational community with a noteworthy presence across various social media platforms. It has prominent achievements to its name for its dedication to working for the benefit of the student community. It is a full-fledged platform for the overall solutions and development of mindsets and personality towards the AMU as an outstanding institution for people around the Globe.

While launching the website Prof. Mohd. Wasim Ali, Proctor, AMU said, “Our students have launched online journal that is known as AMU Journal. I am happy, and I hope that this AMU journal will grow in the future and through this platform, the negative information of AMU that is being spread in the public domain, will be countered”. 

Omar Saleem Peerzada, Public Relation Officer, AMU, said, “No else tribute would be bigger than this because Sir Syed Ahmed Khan also had worked in journalism. In tough times, with the help of journalism, he unblocked the routes which were paved with the rock of difficulties. In the present scenario, online or digital journalism is very potent to curb the nefarious designs of the few who want to cripple the very essence and the perception of AMU.” 

The website aims to nurture education and career development. It is based on the objective to support both the alumni and the existing university students. Aligning with the vision of AMU journal, the website will prove to be the guiding light to the ones seeking their future at this university fulfilling the goal of our founder Sir Syed Ahmad Khan too by making our reach possible to everyone in need of this move.  The site features all the significant look-ups varying from AMU news, admission, lifestyle, career, alumni, etc., with in-depth knowledge of all the prominent categories provided by it covering all three languages for wide implications. It will make the students and other people less tangled when it comes to knowing the right path for their issues pertaining to any field of knowledge and career guidance. Dr. Syed Ali Nawaz Zaidi, Deputy Proctor, AMU said, I must congratulate your effort and the effort of the university PRO. Students of AMU of facing many challenges like depression and social-economic issues. So beside making news and communication you must help such students in coping up with these through your platform.”  

So far, AMU JOURNAL has achieved a good deal of highlights with its partnership and collaboration for different events at the AMU campus and in different parts of the country, making it more viable to its vision. The wide-ranging network leading from the connection of 10000+ Alumni situated across the world to the in touch with 100+ journalists and editors currently working in different media organizations makes it alone distinguishable from the crowd. 

Team AMU Journal with Saad Hameed, Training and Placement Officer General. 

“I am very grateful to the team of AMU JOURNAL for launching this website in collaboration with TPO general AMU,” said Mr. Saad Hameed, Training and Placement Officer, AMU. “ The objective of this website will be to make contacts with alumni and student’s community to ensure beneficial results in the field of education and career development,” also added by him with congratulating remarks for the team of AMU JOURNAL for this website. 

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