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Aligarh Muslim University, a nation within itself has been immortalized amongst the hearts of people. It revives the reminiscence of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and his incredible work. “Beauty lies in simplicity” is the best and most appropriate proverb describing the place. Being called a “daughter of AMU” had been the most honorable moment of my life. A unique education center with eternal peace, love and satisfaction. The university provides a platform to pave the lifestyle of an individual with excellent quality education facilities and allow them to explore their capabilities in addition to strength. Extensive research publications, advanced educational aids, enthusiastic sportsmanship and subtle faculties have made the university amongst the top notched universities globally. In an era of vying, ranking has become the only solution to choose the best. The studies have revealed that opportunists seeking admission and ranking are interrelated. An analysis by Hazelkorn (2009) even divulge that, “Today, politicians all over the political spectrum refer ranking to as a measure of economic strength and ambition, students use them to reveal their choices and universities use them to set ambitions or brand and blaze themselves.” The emerging trend of ranking in the 21st century has allowed numerous agencies both in the private and public sectors to grade higher education all over the world. The reports by the Ministry of Higher Education even states, “good performance in itself is a guarantor of autonomy of the higher education.” The institution has been accredited grade A by NAAC [National Assessment and Accreditation Council]. Below is the ranking graded to the worthy institution by various means: 

°Center for World University Ranking (2021-22): 1139 
°Asia University Rankings (2021-2022): 201-250th 
°National Ranking (2021-2022): 24 
°Global University Rankings (2021-2022): 792
°Best Global University Rankings in Asia (2021-2022): 182
°Best Global University Rankings in India (2021-2022): 11
°Indian University rankings by UniRank (2021): 41
°India Today Neilson Survey (2021): 4
National Institutional Ranking °Framework: overall ranking (2021): 18
°ARIIA Rankings (2020): 11th – 25th 
The WEEK magazine rankings (2020): 6th 
°The OUTLOOK magazine (2021): 5th 

The rankings have shown a tremendous improvement from the past year’s ranking. This would be due to continuous recapitulation of the overall performance and fulfillment of the standards laid down by various ranking agencies. The variable performance indicators draw an effect on the overall grading of the institution, be it teaching, international allowance or research influences. Indicators and ranking carry out a symbiotic courting. With stepping up the ladder, sways the funders, partners and their educational/expert members. Reports quote that leaders contemplate the rankings of the institution prior to being part of any academic meets or discussions. 
Maintaining what all has been achieved and dreams of attaining yet are the responsibilities that lie on the shoulders. Every country has borne a monetary loss due to COVID – 19 pandemic. The sudden surge in fee structure in terms of dollars has created havoc for international students, thereby preventing them from seeking admissions to this renowned university. No little matters may be disregarded if ranking is a query. A drastic and comprehending change in the ranking of the institution has drawn the attention of budding youngsters to seek admissions and avail the best opportunities. The perks of exploring and establishing oneself offered by AMU have built in zeal amongst all the students even those overseas. What has taken the lead is the pride which an individual carries with himself or herself throughout their lives as a part of the elusive place of matriculation. Besides this, the imminent concern towards environment and climate changes has made every individual sensitive about flora and fauna. Holding campaigns, rallies is not enough, now it will be the field work. Separate environment societies or clubs ought to come up with innovations to promote nature. In a country with the youth posing a major role in development, how could we forget to draw attention in the direction of sports?
To change what is to be changed are people’s incentives. If they have visible it, they think it's far waffle. Keen surveillance should be prepped from the top. The administration should be ought to inform every individual and cause them to realize their duties towards the institution and what’s anticipated from them. To stand out globally and be labelled as one, AMU has been an ideal and a blueprint for the institutions. Management, faculties and students loom for their Alma Mater continually.  Ranking one, standing on the pinnacle is not tough but to reap is all that which requires each drop of persistence and hard work.

By: Dr. Vanshika Agarwal


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