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ZARF- Annual Fest of ZHCET is coming soon

ZARF- the technical, cultural, literary and sports fiesta is coming live on 12 of April to 14 of April

Zarf is the annual college fest of Zakir Hussain College Of Engineering and Technology which comes under Aligarh Muslim University stationed at Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. The University was set up as a college first which transformed into a fully fledged University in 1920. ZHCET was founded in the year 1935 and was named after the third president of India, Zakir Husain (politician). The Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology has 11 Departments of studies. Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Departments are offering B.Tech/B.E.(Evening)/M.Tech. and Doctor of Philosphy. programs. Electronics, Computer, Chemical & Petroleum Studies are offering B.Tech/M.Tech. and Ph.D. programs. Department of Architecture is offering B.Arch. Remaining three Departments (Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry and Applied Mathematics) are support Departments offering M.Tech./Ph.D. programs. Currently the principal of the college is Professor M.M.Sufyan Beg.
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History of ZARF

ZARF is derived from the Urdu language which when translated to English language means capability or ingenuity or it could also be related to the state of mind like ones morale. It was first held in the year 2011. Right from the beginning it was proclaimed as the biggest fest of the Aligarh Muslim university. The fest was conducted for three days which consisted the hosting of a variety of events ranging from the sports section to the cultural section. The fest was started with the combined work of the then faculty members as well as the students of the college. The student organizing head, that is the convener was Ibadur Rehman with Mr taj as the principal and the then Vice Chancellorsof AMU, P. K. Abdul Aziz. Under the combined leadership and conscientious work ZARF got its authenticity and from then its held every year in the month of February and March. ZARf 18 was also successful in terms of the sponsorship received and the number of events organized.

Events Held

ZARF has a very rich history of fervor,breaking all the linguistic and regional barriers. They create a cultural, literary and technical hub by organizing a series of events varying from the engaging debates to the mind baffling quizzes. the varied activities provide an exposure to the research scholars to the university school students. And without a token of incentive, no person could push through their limits so they make sure that the people who are participating are doing it not just for time killing but they would get recognition for it too. The different domains of events held are:

Technical Events

ZARF logo for Technical Events

Being the fest of a reputed engineering college, ZARF organizes a number of technical events for the tech geeks. Some of the technical events are mentioned below:


One of the most thrilling and participated technical events of any college fest is the Hackathon. In Zarf 2019, Hackathon will be conducted for the first time in Aligarh Muslim University. All those competitive Programmer will get an opportunity to be a part of a computer marathon which lasts for about 12 hours. The motive of this event is to increase the mental ability of participants so that they become capable of working under pressure.

IPL Auction

IPL is one series of cricket, everyone watches and enjoys. This auction allows participants to virtually take part in the much talked about and anticipated IPL auction. People are given virtual money and make bids for their favorite players, following the same rules as the actual live IPL auction. The participant’s goal is to form the best team in the amount of money given to them. This game has its own uncertainty.

Biz Tech Quiz

Business isn’t for everyone. It requires thought, patience, strategic management, financial management, human resource management, development of right policies and most importantly knowledge of the very competitive business world. This knowledge is tested through Biz Tech Quiz which consists of questions from all areas of management, marketing, and the technology needed in these businesses. Participants can participate individually or form teams as per their suitability. Players move on to next rounds and the highest scorer takes first place.

Chemical quiz

Quizzes are an important part of college fests as they are universal, fun and highly anticipated events. The chemistry-lovers are provided with the perfect platform to showcase their knowledge and understanding of different topics related to chemical science such as the periodic table, organic chemistry etc. This quiz consists of several rounds and a highly professional jury. The teams with the highest points move further in the competition. The team which answers correctly in the least amount of time is declared as the winner.

Literary Events

ZARF logo for Literary events


ZARF's literary events are a platform for the students to display their literary as well as the intellectual side of theirs.


It is important for an individual to express their opinions, raise questions and decide on what is right and wrong. Some people prefer the silent approach, but if a person is vocal about his ideas then this event is for them. Participants are given a theme and divided into two teams; for the notion and against the notion. The team which is able to convince the jury receives first prize comprising of medals and certificates.

Creative Writing

Each person has a thousand tales to tell. Every story expresses a different emotion. Each poem holds a deeper thought. Creative writing is an event which receives maximum participation from students. Students from all streams and colleges participate to showcase their writing skills, in the form of stories, poems or essays. Participants are provided with a theme or topic to write on, which is to be completed within a short span of time. The best three are selected in each category and bestowed with the prize.

General Quiz

In the era of social media, where everyone seems to be updated with software’s, are the minds of the students updated with the current status of the nation and world? To create this awareness we organize a General Quiz, which consists of questions from all fields of life and current affairs.

Entertainment Quiz

Quizzes could always be not be related to the educational side,so for the binge watchers, Zarf conducts one of the finest entertainment quizzes where the questions are related to the world of entertainment, that is the various Hollywood and Bollywood shows and movies ranging from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to the lunchbox. Consisting of several rounds, entertainment quizzes are one of the most enjoyable and fun quizzes.

Cultural Events

ZARF logo for Cultural Events


ZARF also aims for the refreshment of the students who are immersed in the respective courses round the clock, so it host some fun events too.

Khiladhi Khatro Ke

“Pain in Spain”, “Darr ka Blockbuster”, “Jigar pe Trigger”. Everyone must be familiar with these lines and where they come from. Yes, the very popular TV show “Khatron ke Khiladi” is getting real in ZARF 2019 and we invite all the daring folks to come participate in the challenges and we assure you that the risk will be worth taking!

Alig Got Talent

Who hasn’t heard about the world acclaimed show Britain’s Got Talent? We, here at Zarf 2019 bring you the same kind of platform encapsulated on a district level under the name “Alig Got Talent”. The participants come up with their special abilities to impress the jury and qualify for the next round until the finals. Meanwhile those who manage to earn bonus points might get a Golden Buzzer too!

Sports Events

ZARF events are not only for the tech geeks and literary personals. For the sports persons, ZARF organizes a number of sports competitions in which students of different branches compete against each other and even to bridge the gap between the teachers and students, a cricket match is played in which the students are represented by the coordinators of ZARF.

Moto of ZARF

Zarf’19 has a very rich history of fervor, breaking all the linguistic and regional barriers, irrespective of the branches it makes everyone come together once in a year. We create a cultural, literary and a technical hub by organizing a series of events varying from the engaging debates to singing and to the mind baffling quizzes. The varied activities provide the necessary exposure to the students ranging from the PhD graduates to the university board schools.  The basic theme of the fest is Charity. 50% of the registration fee and 20% of the sponsored amount will be donated as charity through proper channel for the welfare of needy people.
Its also a medium through which they reform the character of our university that's been portrayed, like the university restrict the activities of the women in every field, as being a fest of Aligarh Muslim University. But on the basis of last year statistics, around half of the partakers, that is around 45% were the female students who were enrolled in a number of departments of the university. They firmly believe in the quintessential movement, that is Women Empowerment. The various students which came for various competitions earlier had their own perspectives regarding the university, but when they came here, and got the opportunity to interact with us and experience the aura of ZARF, they observed the optimistic side of the organizers, the charismatic influence they had on the audience while handling the crowd of thousands, the persistence they had no matter what the difficulty that came en route to the finale and a numerous other qualities.

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