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AMU Hosts Successful Corporate Meet on Digital Transformation: Insights and Opportunities for Students

On Saturday, Aligarh Muslim University hosted a corporate meet, IGNITE: A Corporate Meet on Digital Transformation. The event was aimed at providing students with valuable insights into the dynamic changes in the corporate industry and was held at the Kennedy Auditorium in AMU. It was organized by the Training and Placement Office (General), AMU and started at 10:00 AM.
The event included a series of discussions, speeches, and a panel discussion on Digital Transformation: Corporate Expectations, Opportunities, and Challenges.

The inaugural ceremony of the corporate meet witnessed the presence of a distinguished guest, Dr. Syed Masarrat Ali, Senior Director of Acrivon Therapeutics, alongside several other important personalities from the corporate world.
The Kennedy Auditorium buzzed with excitement as the highly anticipated corporate meet kicked off. The audience was packed with eager students and accomplished professionals. The Organizing Secretary, Dr. Muzammil Mushtaq, took the stage and delivered a heartfelt welcome address, expressing his gratitude for the unique opportunity that the students were given to learn from experts in diverse fields.

Next, Saad Hameed, the convener and TPO General, felicitated the distinguished guests and student coordinators of the event's organizing committee with mementos, acknowledging their hard work and dedication.

officials and experts from various fields had gathered at the event. Mohammad Imran IPS, the Registrar of AMU, commended the Training and Placement Office (TPO) for organizing the corporate meet and assured companies that the students from AMU would be valuable assets to their respective organizations.

Mr. Vijay Ranjan, the HR Head and General Manager of LG Electronics, was the guest of honor at the event. He shared his observations about the students of AMU, stating that he was impressed with their discipline. He emphasized the importance of data and the fear people have of losing their jobs, advising students to use stress as fuel.

While speaking with AMU Journal, he said, "AMU students are very disciplined, and this trait is necessary for success in the corporate world." Reflecting on his experience at the event, he added, "It was a good experience, and I enjoyed interacting with people and students. They're on the right track as successful people are supposed to be."

The chief guest, Dr. Syed Masarrat Ali, talked about University-Industry Interface and emphasized the fact that AMU students are well-equipped to face any and all challenges. He advised the students to pay attention to their strengths and weaknesses, urging them to know what they need to learn and work on improving their skills. He ended his address by announcing the Badar Jahan Scholarship for Girls Pursuing UG Courses at the University and Global Education Initiative Scholarship for Post-Graduation and Post-Doctoral Education in Foreign Universities.

As the event progressed, the much-awaited panel discussion on Digital Transformation: Corporate Expectations, Opportunities, and Challenges took center stage. The panel comprised distinguished industry experts hailing from various fields, and the discussion proved to be an incredible success.

The interactive session allowed students to gain valuable insights into the workings of the corporate industry, providing them with a deeper understanding of what they can expect in the real world. With the panelists offering practical advice and sharing their experiences, students were able to ask questions and receive detailed answers, making the session an enriching learning experience.

The question and answer session provided students with a platform to directly interact with professionals and clarify their doubts. Overall, the event has proven to be a great success.

Report written by Jibraan Uddin, Bushra Naaz, Mahwish Asim, and Damini Agrawal.

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