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Is it ethical for girls' hostels in the Aligarh Muslim University to be forced to close during the holidays?


A day prior to eid ul adha, confession handles of the students of AMU were enveloped with the grievances of female residential students sharing their witness of the exploitation of their autonomy that the halls (a set of many hostels assigned to the students of AMU for claiming their residential facilities during their academic years) of AMU were practising by forcing them to evacuate. 
As alleged by a student of Abdullah Hall, students were required to pay a “fine” for their so-called “overstay” during the vocations. It has been brought to the attention of several conscious residents of Abdullah Hall that they are displeased to know that such rules are not homogenous throughout all the halls, especially male residential halls, and that each hall practises and imposes its own set of sanctimony. 
Such sanctimony is not limited to this incident. Another student, while sharing her sorrows, said that she would rather not get mingled with the hostile toxicological halls and leave for home as soon as she could. This is not an option for every student.

Yet another student shared that when asked by an authority, the prejudices were passed as an informal interrogation, asking, Why stay?”. Later on, it was explained that it is fair to charge during the holidays as they have to pay the staff of the halls. Nevertheless, it remains very vivid that such structures are not shared in written form with prior notice for a fair amount of time.
The freshers were taken by surprise when no prior notice was given in some of the halls. Seniors, however, remained unsurprised by the sanctimonious nature that these halls impose on them. They have grown indifferent to prejudice and the exploitation of rights.
Burgeoning numbers of students depart for their homestead during such holidays, vacating their newfound home, AMU, by choice. However, some decide to stay for innumerable reasons, such as preparation or simply finding solace in their newfound home to escape the unfortunate and pernicious surroundings of their provenance. 
It is worth noting that not all of the students share the ethnic background where all such holidays are celebrated.
Nonetheless, the fact remains the same: AMU is not just an institution to some students; it is their new home as long as they are enrolled in the institution. 
 Note: This article was not authored by a hall of residents of female hostelers  or a member of any administrative team. This viewpoint represents the culmination of engagements with like-minded female individuals and the common principles upheld by the student body. To ensure confidentiality, the identities of authorities, staff, and educators have been withheld.

Wishing you all Happy Eid Ul Adha

About the author:
Izhan is an undergraduate physics major at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. He demonstrates a profound interest in STEM research, and psychology. He also takes an interest in activism and furtherance of societal welfare within the bounds of lawful amelioration.

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