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Why does the administration of AMU want to keep autonomy chastised?

AMU has given me more than I could ask for. And seeing it try to thrive through such dark times in my university shakes the ground underneath my feet. 
There was a time when AMU was known for being at the forefront of dissenting views. Be it human rights, national politics, or university politics, students at AMU made its name shine. But the tides of time have washed away those sandcastles, and with a heavy weight on my heart, I am urged to write such an article where I feel compelled to address why its own autonomy is chastised. Such a circumstance tempts us to ask, "Have we regressed as an institution?" 
On May 21, 2023, the Office of the Registrar (General Section) of AMU released a sophisticatedly written notice declaring that the elections conducted for the AMU Teachers Association (AMUTA) would not be recognised. On another recent account, the protests demanding AMU Student Union (AMUSU) elections were systematically cleansed. Such efforts have been undermining the sovereignty of the integral parts of the university, students and teachers ever since the last dissolution of the representative bodies of AMU. 
Another recent declaration issued by the Office of the Registrar on May 12, 2023, circulated widely, proclaimed a ban on cultural and literary events within the university. Some of these events have long been known for inviting guests with bold views, which may not align with the preferences of the current regiment.
Innumerous such events have taken place and have been prevailing on the campus, which appear no less than organized crime against the rightful demands. One could say that all the efforts against the democratization of our university are made to settle down in the deep rooted systemic disenfranchisement. 
As of today, we can say that whatever the reasons may be, the dissolution of AMUTA and AMUSU proves that AMU has been successfully deprived of its dominion, and our administration is planning to keep it that way.
These representative bodies are responsible for narrowing down the names for the nomination of VC. Without their existence, the administration gains unchecked power to nominate individuals, bypassing constitutional norms and compromising the principles of fairness and accountability. I will not be surprised if it turns out to be true that rumours circulating within the AMU community suggest a potentially troubling motive behind these actions. It is perpetuated that the acting VC harbours aspirations of securing the nomination for his wife to the coveted position of Vice-Chancellor. The efforts to keep AMUTA submerged may have been orchestrated to clear the path for this alleged motive.

Surely, any regiment wants to withhold its strength and test of time, the current is no different except that it has the audacity to sacrifice its conscience by adopting corrupt customs.

AMUSU has been responsible for producing a fair share of prominent leaders. It should not come as a surprise to acknowledge that the current Indian regiment would not enjoy a leader from an institution that ‘represents’ a minority. 
If Sir Syed were alive today, he would want to take responsibility  questioning, probing, and safeguarding the principles that have made our institution a bastion of intellectual freedom and progress. The preservation of AMU's autonomy and the assurance of a just and democratic environment are paramount. It is our collective duty to hold the administration accountable and strive for a future where our beloved institution thrives in its pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment.

By Izhan Ahmad

Izhan is an undergraduate physics major at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. He demonstrates a profound interest in STEM research, and psychology. He also takes an interest in activism and furtherance of societal welfare within the bounds of lawful amelioration.

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  1. People need to understand the motive behind all this , otherwise it’ll be too late that no one but us will be responsible for the downfall of honor of our beloved Sir syed Ahmad khan university .


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