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AMU students started an initiative to help bihar flood victims.

Aligarh Muslim University students started an initiative to to help bihar flood victims by putting donation boxes in every halls





By: Zainab Fatma

Bihar is amongst India's most flood prone states and due to heavy monsoons this year floods have stricken over 16 districts claiming 119 lives and massive loss of property. Villages like Purnia,Kishanganj, Araria and Katihar have witnessed massive demolitions leading to shutting of schools and closing of all commercial activities.  3.5 lakh people have been moved to safer areas and various relief camps have been set up to provide shelter to the victims . The government is in action to help the people .
           several organisations have taken initiative to provide help. Aligarh muslim university is amongst one of them. Students have set up booths in different hall for collecting donations in the campus premises. The ALIG Community gas been active to gain popular support for the victims. Student leaders have collected funds from the hostel residents along. The university has promised to provide medical support o the victims along with other necessities
         Under such circumstances it is mandatory on every individual to help the ones in need. People are free to provide help in any form , from clothing to medicines and food or even funds . Little help from every individual can better the situation for various victims. Droplets make an ocean, little efforts can help restore lives. We look forward to gain as much support as possible to help the needy so that if at all, demolition befalls on a community , faith in humanity isn't lost .

To help bihar flood victims contact volunteers from different halls.

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