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Dictatorial Notice Roll Back

As promised yesterday, taking note of the university administration’s dictatorial and arbitrary notice requiring hostels to be vacated, the AMUSU Chairs met the Vice-Chancellor to apprise him of the severe impact of this decision on the students.

The following has been decided in this meeting with the VC:
1. All the graduation final year students who are preparing for the departmental entrance tests are permitted to remain in their rooms until the last departmental test which they have to give. (Irrespective of when the last one is, be it 1st July or Mid July)

2. The PG Students preparing for the NET exam scheduled for 8th July, are permitted to remain in their rooms until 10th July, after which they would need to vacate the rooms.

3. Those students who have already left for home without vacating the rooms or are about to leave can leave their luggage in the cupboard and lock it. The lock will not be broken.

4. All the rooms will be sealed for security reasons. Only those seals will be broken, where the particular room needs to be renovated.

5. Research Scholars who were asked to vacate the hostel by 10th June, have been given a relaxation until 20th June (After Eid) to vacate their rooms and shift to the Summer Hostels. (Aftab & RM for boys and SN & IG Hall for girls)

6. During the process of shifting, the university authorities will extend all possible support including transportation to the research scholars.

In case any students face any kind of problems or issues, kindly bring it to AMUSU’s attention. We remain committed to our cause, then & now.

Maskoor Ahmad Usmani
President || AMUSU

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