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Razan Al-Najjar, 21-years-old, a nurse, volunteer paramedic and a mother.

She was a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a co-worker and a friend.  But more than that...she was a HERO. 

Razan Al-Najjar, 21-years-old, a nurse and volunteer paramedic, risked her life every single day to help the wounded protesters in Gaza.  More than 100 of her co-workers had been killed or injured in the last month...but that didn't stop her.  She bravely dodged the bullets to help her people who are protesting every day for her and the 2 MILLION people being held prisoner and suffering in Gaza. 

Her little baby will never know her.  But the rest of the world will and we won't forget her or her story.  Executed by an Israeli sniper while she tried to save lives. 

Rest in Peace, Razan.  You were an angel on earth and now you are an angel in heaven.

Complete interview by New York Times.

A Paramedic was shot dead by an Israeli sniper in an attempt to save a casualty . She was just 21 years old . Here is an interview with her before the tragedy happened , it's truly inspiring and I had to share it with you .

 Video Courtesy : New York Times

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