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A lecture organized by MSO AMU on the topic " from depression to success in the light of Quran and human psychology" by Sheikh Saqib Iqbal.

Sheikh Muhammad Saqib Iqbal HH, a renowned Islamic scholar from the United Kingdom, delivered a lecture at Aligarh Muslim University on the topic of Depression in the Light of the Quran and Human Psychology.
The lecture took place at Kennady Hall of the University at 8 p.m. A large crowd was seen at the event's location. 
The lecture, titled 'Depression to Success in the Light of the Holy Qur'aan and Human Psychology,' is organised by the Muslim Student Organization (MSO).
University Campus witnessed a huge public crowd at the event when the whole auditorium was fully packed. Also, the lawn outside the auditorium had the presence of innumerable people standing there to watch the lecture on the screen, showing the massive following and popularity of Sheikh Saqib Iqbal.

Report by Md Adnan Rafiq
Photo by Mohd Ahmad Attari

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