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Final of  Pursuit 23: Annual event of Sir Shah Sulaiman Hall.

On the final day of the annual hall fest, which started on February 23rd after a four-year hiatus, a sporting event organized by Sir Shah Sulaiman Hall received positive feedback.

The annual event at Sir Shah Sulaiman Hall gained momentum on Day 2, attracting a larger crowd. The event started at 3 p.m., marking the second day of the 3-day common room fest known as Pursuit. The event continued until February 25th, concluding the successful annual event.

On day 1, indoor sports like chess and snooker attracted more participants.
Similarly, Day 2 witnessed more participants in carrom and shooting. Ringing the cold drink was one of the most enjoyable and pleasurable activities. Cricket matches were played between MB House vs. Kidwai and Kashmir House vs. HM Hostel. In addition to this, the audience was enthusiastic about cheering on the participants. A sizable crowd was present on the hall's main lawn. The team advanced to the semifinals in table tennis. Evening volleyball matches between Agha Khan and HM Hostel are played.

The third day of the pursuit drew one of the largest and most fervent crowds in the previous four years. As this was the last day, practically all of the games reached their conclusion. The team advanced to the snooker semi-finals; tomorrow's finals will be played. In Intra hostel cricket, AK vs. Bhopal hostel and JK vs HM hostel were played. In football, JK vs HM was played as a knockout. Badminton and volleyball begin today. LAN games like FREE FIRE, PUBG ,etc. ended today.

Finally, the event has been completed with 5X more participantion. The organising team made a great effort to make this event successful. The felicitation ceremony will be held in March.

Report by Md Sidratul Muntaha 

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