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Sir Shah Sulaiman Hall organises annual common room fest

A sports event is organised by Sir Shah Sulaiman Hall as part of an annual event held after a gap of four years. Interhall and intrahall competitions are held at the event. 
The annual event at Sir Shah Suleiman Hall began on February 23, 2023. The event started at 5 p.m. on the central lawn in the hall. Arquam Ibn Hashim hosted the programme under the coordination of secretary, common room Mr. Mohd Shameem and Mr. Saiq Anwar. This was the first day of the 3-day annual common room fest known as Pursuit, which will continue until February 25.

Mr. Rehan started the event with Qira'at, which is a tradition at Aligarh Muslim University. The event was inaugurated by Mr. Abdul Hamid, Registrar of the University, along with the Provost and Senior Hall.

Due to the four-year gap, the number of participants was three times that of Pursuit'19. Indoor sports like chess and snooker attracted more participants. There was a monetary award of Rs 2k and Rs 1k for the winner and runner-up, respectively. Also, arm wrestling is included in the event. In outdoor activities, tug of war, darting, shooting, and many more sports are included. In addition to this, the audience was enthusiastic about cheering on the participants. The central lawn of the hall witnessed a vast audience. Prof. Shamsad Husain, the provost of the hall, talked about the benefits of sports and wished everyone good luck. Furthermore, the Hon'ble Registrar, Mr. Hamid, emphasised the importance of extracurricular activities in our daily lives. As a token of honour, a memento was presented to the chief guest by the provost.

Report by Md Sidratul Muntaha 

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